Error(?) in Leps Soc 1999 Season summary

Hank & Priscilla Brodkin hankb at
Wed Apr 12 20:54:23 EDT 2000

We received our 1999 Season Summary from  Lep Soc today.  On page 13 is
the following:
"Codotractus arizonensis  Cochise: Huachuca Mountains; 0.5 mi W of
Montezuma Pass 07-Aug-99 SJK first record from this mountain range"

This skipper (AKA Arizona Skipper) has been found quite regularly in the
Huachucas - at least east of Montezuma pass.  Sheri Williamson and I saw
it several times while bird banding a few miles east of the pass in
Coronado National Memorial during the summer of 1997.  Also on the "Fort
Huachuca, Arizona Butterfly List" by Rich Bailowitz and Sanford Upson
this species is listed as occurring "foothills, south end range"  (on
this list range refers to the Huachucas.  This skipper is also, I am
sure included in the survey made by Jim Brock from SASI for the Coronado
National Memorial where the above mentioned bird banding project takes

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