The blow of lepidoptera

José Araújo estelito at
Fri Apr 21 07:31:35 EDT 2000

Hi, all

 At this moment, I am doing a work with diurnal butterflies here in the
northeast of Brazil; however, it’s not easy, because it’s the first time
that someone to do such study, thus I have nothing about the species
that occur in my region, but in spite of difficult I will hope to finish
my work till December. In the last month (March of 2000) a very
beautiful phenomenon happened here, of sudden thousands of butterflies
appeared in the sky, mainly Pieridae, but had other family ( Nymphalidae
and Papilionidae) present during the blow. It’s difficult to know if was
some process of migration; but now the rain period began in our dry
region, perhaps with too food the butterflies proliferate without
control. I would like to discuss about this subject with someone.
Actuality I concluded my mastership with a study in the morphology of
Sphingidae, now I am seeking to continue, but is not easy, because in my
country the Universities that have doctourate are few. I will hope to
seek one day a University that accepted me, because I wish to deepen my
knowledge. If you want help me I will thanks a lot. Bye my AMIGOS.

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