Ecol. aspects of transgenic crops summary (fwd)

Chris J. Durden drdn at
Fri Apr 21 07:08:34 EDT 2000

At 12:50  20/04/00 -0700, you wrote:
>SO, does this mean that organic farmers should also label BT-treated

Yes, that would be desirable.
Remember however the organic produce has been treated with bt that can be
washed off.
The GM/GE produce has grown with the bt-derivative locked into its genes,
where it cannot be washed off.
This seems to me like a very fundamental difference and something we as
consumers are entitled to know.

Given choices -
1. "organic" produce grown without the use of bt.
2. "organic" produce grown usimg bt.
3. "conventional" produce grown without the use of bt or insecticides.
4. "conventional" produce grown using insecticides.
5. GE/GM produce with incorporated bt.

I would choose (ranked in order of choice) -
1, 3, 2.

I would not choose -
4, 5.

But because of inadequate labelling I am not allowed to choose.

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