Moth Identification Help

Don Lafontaine burnbank at
Fri Apr 21 22:30:34 EDT 2000

A new and good reference to get a hold of for moth identification in the
Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada is a book that came out
last year by Louis Handfield called "Le Guide des Papillons du Quebec."
The place to read about it is
""  Don't be turned off by the
French text
or title; the book set-up is user friendly to us english speakers! It
has color pictures of all Macrolepidoptera of Quebec about 3000
specimens in 125 color plates!!!  There is a "Popular Edition" for
$50.00 CAN and a "Scientific Edition" for $100.00 CAN (about 35 and 70
US$). The text is basically tables of distribution in Quebec, season,
host plants, and literature. The Scientific Edition is the same but has
a LOT more bibliography and taxonomic notes. Since Louis included
"expected species" in the text and illustrations it basically treats
everything from the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada. The publisher
has not yet circulated info. on the book through the Lep. Soc. mailing
list so it is still largely unknown outside of Quebec.

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