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>>Melanism is obvious  prove how the genes and evolution is working and in
>>high speed.
>>What you think about this.
. As a matter of
>popular opinion most evolutionists appear to extrapolate the selection
>process as being
>responsible or primary as the mechanism for "adaptation".
>John Grehan
The evolution leaves the well adapted animals left. The key is that in population 
there is always (or has to be) small differences between the animals (in color or 
figures and other characteristics). There is no perfect in animals adaptation to its
environement. If there would be as to say the cloned population in animals which are 
moving around their environemet such as leps it will destroy them if the environemet changes.
There will be no bossibilities to the spiece to stay alive or answer to change.
In trees it is different. Some trees are cloning them self surround them so a little forrest 
can have the same origin and heritage. But few hundred meters or 1 km 
the soil can be different and the good adaptation to the soil nd temperature 
where the mother tree is is lost. The clones will loose the competition 
for the other trees or plants. I mean that some sort of good  adaption works 
in one place but not enough well in some  other place.
In practice: its no use to transfer pines over 100 km north from their original
location they will not be succesfull.


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