Micro Moth ID Please

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Tue Apr 25 15:52:06 EDT 2000

In article <hB0M4.1558$VY2.35723 at news2-win.server.ntlworld.com>, Paul
Wakelin <paul.wakelin at virgin.net> writes
>Can anyone tell me what this micro moth is please . It came to my actinic
>trap on march 17 . It's 5/8 inch long .
>I haven't got a clue .
>Help Paul .
>[ A UUEncoded file (Moth.JPG) was included here. ]
It looks to me very much like Diurnea fagella (D. & S.). You don't say
where you caught it, but fagella is common in Britain, flying from about
March to April. It is featured in Jacobs, S.N.A., et al. 'Illustrated
Papers on British Microlepidoptera' (1978), plate 10 (text p. 116). It
used to be known as Chimabache fagella, which is the name given to it by
Jacobs. It is a member of the Oecophoridae family.
         Best wishes  Pete Crowther
P. and J. Crowther

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