Butterflies of the world list

Nathan Schiff nschiff at asrr.arsusda.gov
Wed Apr 26 10:28:45 EDT 2000

Dear All, 
	A friend of mine is trying to catalalog a worldwide butterfly
collection and is wondering if anyone has a list of the names of all the
butterflies on some appropriate program.  We understand that there is
disagreement about the identity of some species but he wants someplace to
start so he doesnt have to type in 19,000 latin names.  I would also
appreciate some comments on what software program might be appropriate if
we have to do this from scratch.  It of course should be cross platform
compatable and hierarchical.  Filemaker Pro has been suggested.  Please
let me know whether you think this is a good or a bad choice.  If anybody
is already doing this let me know so we don't duplicate the effort.
Thanks in advance for your help.  Nathan 

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