Please I.D.

The Wog Dogs dnb1 at
Wed Apr 26 10:52:52 EDT 2000

"The Wog Dogs" <dnb1 at> wrote in message news:...
> Hello,
> Can anyone please help me? I took this picture of this really cool
> moth/butterfly in my garden last summer. It sat on my dianthus all day, it
> let me get very close to it an pretty much examine it. I thought it looked
> like a stealth bomber it was so sleek I didn't see any antenna and his
> laid flat that is one reason I thought it could be a moth but it wasn't
> furry it was so smooth and it didn't move. My Brother in-law and I have
> stumped we have gone to so many I.D. pages and he even went to the library
> but no luck. I just know won of you can help me, I just don't know why I
> didn't come here before.
> Thank you Barb
> From: Illinois

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