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	As Don Lafontaine pointed out last week, the book "Le Guide des
Papillons du Quebec" is a good reference for moth identification in the
Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. It's not surprising that such
a book with 982 pages and 121 coloured plates contains some errors. Most of
these errors have been found by the author and have been corrected  in a 4
page supplement packaged with the book.

	This is as  good a forum as any for moth-people to pass on errors
missed by the author. Plate 117, moth 10999 is actually 11010 (Lycophotia
phyllophora) and Plate 118, moth 11010 is actually 10999 Aplectoides

	Incidentally, for the identification of Kurt Jacobs images: Mike
Soukup's Nocophora quernaria and Don Lafontaine's Nacrophora quernaria were
both mis-spelled; should be Nacophora. But then again, the "new" book has
updated the name to Phaeoura quernaria.

	This book is worth the money for bringing us all up to date on the
numerous name changes since Hodges.

in New Brunswick, Canada, where the moth season started 3-weeks ago! 

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