Moth Identification

Kurt Jacobs morphidae at
Thu Apr 27 16:49:05 EDT 2000

Thanks for all who responded to my request for Midwestern Moth
Identification.  I personally just ordered the book Les Papillions du Quebec
by calling the number on the website, as it sounds like a great bargain in
containing 123 color plates.  Since the book is in french, I opted for the
popular version, but the scientific version is slightly larger in size and
has 300 extra pages of text.  I hope it is as helpful as Covells Petersons
Field Guide and Hollands Moth book.

Moths in Wisconsin just started to "blossom" last night.  Many freshly
emerged Copivaleria grotei are out with very bold markings this year, in
addition to about six (6) other noctuidae species.  Only one Geo. though.

Kurt Jacobs

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