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Well, pleased to meet you Paul.  While yours may not be the most popular of
positions, I for one am glad to hear from someone on the "other" side as

Gary Anweiler Edmonton Alberta Canada

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> Jeffrey A. Caldwell wrote:
> > What sort of pesticides do you sell, and
> > to what clientele?  I think it would be interesting to know a little
> > your academic background as well.
> I represent the product line of a small, family owned,
> ag chemical distributor and sell (and often help initially apply)
> a wide variety of insecticides,  fungicides and herbicides to both
> end users and other ag chem dealers. End users include some
> farmers, but mainly post harvest interests such as food processing plants,
> food storage warehouses, seed companies, greenhouses,
> grain elevators, etc.  I've also had experience as a licensed
> ag pest control adviser selling pesticides to growers - the
> materials that go on the growing crop. Finally, I once worked
> in the urban pest control scene, both as an applicator
> and salesman selling to exterminators, mosquito
> abatement districts, golf courses, that sort of thing.
> My BS degree is in entomology.
> Paul Cherubini

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