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Patricia Harding jmh at proaxis.com
Wed Aug 2 10:10:35 EDT 2000

Our daughter, Katie is in Krakow, Poland, doing environmental toxicology
work with grasshoppers.  She asked us to find her Entomology textbook,
because she needs an English Language key to Orthoptera. We are having
trouble finding her textbook among the stuff she left behind. Does anyone
have such a key in a form that can be easily sent to her by e-mail? They
started experiments yesterday, but don't know the species they have.
Patricia and Jeff Harding
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> Hi agin!  Could you guys do me a really really big favor?  I am working
> grasshoppers here, and we are having trouble locating a book.  Could you
> scan in the chapter on orthoptera from my gray entomology text??  it is a
> two inch thick gray text book.  I espically need the key in it.  If it is
> extreamly difficult, don't bother, but I would appreciate it!!!!   thanks
> love katie!
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