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Hello all,
     I believe that some of you have your own language that I do not
understand. If I tell you that I heard some farmers say that their grass
turned red I am the reference for that statement. If you want to know more
(what farmers, how many farmers, etc.) you must come to me and ask me for
the info. I am the reference. This sounds reasonable to me but I am not a
scientist so maybe it doesn't sound reasonable to some of you.
   Thank you
    David Smith
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> Hello,
> Dr. Walsh nicely addressed the use of references as a scientific reality,
> but what sort of worries me is:
> On Thu, 3 Aug 2000, David Smith wrote:
> > When Mr. Shuey makes a statement about farmers being worried about
> > (drought, birds, etc.) he does not need a reference, he is the
> Wow! I guess that's true in court, but for the most part this is a
> scientific forum. Dr. Shuey is a respected scientist in more than one
> circle, and I am obviously not the only one to think so. However,
> _everyone_ needs some scientific justification sometimes, except maybe God
> and subspecies.
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