diapause/voltinism? Polyphemus?

NewtChris newtchris at aol.com
Fri Aug 11 02:07:02 EDT 2000

I've raised 30 polyphemus larvae this season on maple leaves from a female I
obtained and hatched from last season. ( I don't know the food plant she was
reared on) 

It's mid August, the larvae just spun cocoons.  

I've read and heard repeatedly that in the Boston area that Polyphemus have
multiple broods.  I can't imagine that if my brood should hatch within the next
two weeks into adults and mate that there would be enough time for thier
progeny to mature in time for winter.

They have been raised on fresh cut leaves provided daily and chose maple over
oak, alder, elm and birch. (all of which I provided in an effort to figure out
their prefered food plant)

Q- What should I expect?  How should  I handle these cocoons? (refridgerate?) 
If they hatch and mate? will there be enough time before autumn to raise
another brood?  Does anyone know?



newtchris at aol.com

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