Sphingidae Egg Parasitoids

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for a start point.

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--- James and Margaret Tuttle <jtuttle at fiaaz.net>
wrote: > During the course of my field work I have
found that
> the primary control
> of sphingid populations in much of the U.S. is
> parasitoids of the ova.
> In many cases up to 95% of field collected ova are
> "hit" and this does
> not seem to be the result of a collecting bias. Far
> and away the biggest
> culprit or most susccessful parasitoid (depending
> upon your view) is the
> family Scelionidae. Does anyone have an associate
> who can ID these
> critters at least to genus????? I am getting a
> backlog of associations
> with various sphingid species and would like to be
> able to say more than
> "family Scelionidae".
> Jim Tuttle

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