Regal Fritillary

Ron Lane RL7836 at
Sun Aug 20 09:07:19 EDT 2000

There is a 10 page article on Regals in the 1999 Winter Issue of
American Butterflies (NABA periodical).

On captive breeding: the article states that Regals are proving
difficult to breed, with no one yet successful at rearing more than
one generation. There are people at Princeton, Stanford, and UConn
working on the issue.

This article and others are listed on NABA's website <>.

On 19 Aug 2000 05:51:06 GMT, newtchris at (NewtChris) wrote:

>Is it possible to find out what is known about the decline of these butterflies
>to date?  I'm sure if the combined knowledge, experience and skill of the
>patrons of this newsgroup were put to use, the cause of and solution to its
>demise could be determined.  At least a successful captive breeding program
>could be established.
>Any ideas, suggestions?

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Central NJ, USA
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