Io Moth Range

Lynn Monroe lynnmon at
Mon Aug 21 16:08:37 EDT 2000

    I'm wondering about the northern limits of the Automeris io moth.
This year for the first time in the nine years I've lived here I've
found Io caterpillars.  The last two winters have been exceptionally
mild for North Boulder County, CO.  I don't know if Io normally lives
here and can take harsher winters or if it is a warm-winter-only
    I raised one of the cats on Golden Banner to pupa stage.  Three of
its siblings are still feeding outside, two on Golden Banner, one on
Lupinus argenteus.    I'd prefer to winter the pupa outdoors in natural
conditions similar to those of its siblings so it will emerge at
approximately the same time..  However, if it normally does not live
this far north, I can winter it in an unheated sunroom where it will
probably emerge much earlier.  Any information and suggestions will be
most welcome.  TIA.  Lynn Monroe

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