Tyta luctuosa-plume moth

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Tue Aug 22 08:27:44 EDT 2000

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>please direct me to source literature for Tyta luctuosa.

It appears to have been used for biological control of bindweed. But none
the websites identify its native habitat or biology.
Tyta is a species of Noctuid moth, not a plume moth.

Thr following is infromation from RECORDER, a UK biological recording

Tyta luctuosa  'Four spotted'   Rare - RDB 3 (UK Status).  Biodiversity
Action Plan Species (Middle List)

Brief description of habitat, biology, status and distribution:

Chalk downland, flowery embankments, breckland and waste places, the
larva feeding on *Convolvulus arvensis*. Much decreased and now very
local, known from Dorset, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Essex
and Nottinghamshire, occasionally noted elsewhere. Status should
possibly be Notable A.

Possibly some of the moth guys may know more, though if it is a very rare
native it may not be that much use for biological control in the UK (ie if
it feeds on bindweed, why isn't it common in the UK)



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