Study: Biotech Corn Kills Monarch

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Wed Aug 23 00:23:42 EDT 2000

Cris Guppy wrote:
> Paul,
> Your example is entirely true, and well known. However it is also not
> relevant to the present discussion because the "pesticide" (Bt pollen) was
> placed on the plants under "wild" conditions. And yes, perhaps there are
> "Big, subtle differences that may be too complex to ever fully understand."
> But is there not a need for proof of that statement, rather than assumption,
> before rejecting the result from a published study?

I suspect other studies have been carried out this summer
to address the question of whether or not there is a substantial difference
in the survivability of wild, unmanipulated monarch caterpillars developing 
on wild, unmanipulated milkweed plants growing within or near Bt corn 
fields vs. conventional corn fields. 

Yesturday, when a reporter asked Steve Johnson, a US Environmental 
Protection Agency deputy assistant administrator to comment on the Iowa
State study he said:

``Based on what we've seen so far, we're not seeing any impact on any
 non-target organism, particularly the Monarch butterfly''

Paul Cherubini

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