Identify UK Lycaenid?

Andrew Torry apktorry at
Wed Aug 23 09:07:50 EDT 2000

Neil Jones leaps down a guys perfectly honest throat as usual and says


>Well Andrew I am perhaps more concerned about this species survival than you
>are. You have repeatedly attacked conservationists on  this
>list as anyone who looks in the archive will see. I know that you would
>advocate developing on the habitat of a protected species , where I would not.
>This is not intended as an attack on you. I believe in free speech and
>you are entitled to your opionions. I am saying this because I believe
>in the interests of democratic free expression those reading the debate
>should properly understand the position of all participants..


Since when have I ever advocated the development of any site containing even the
commonest species. Uncontrolled development is my greatest pet hate. Please
elucidate on where you got this opinion.

> If you are really as concerned about conservation as you have suddenly
> decided to claim, then I think it would be a far more enjoyable exercise
> if you were to devote your efforts to going into the field and recording
> butterflies for the project. I grow weary at having to respond to your
> angry outbursts. We can all get angry at times but I always find that a
> nice day in the country studying butterflies helps me see the world in
> clear relaxed way.

I simply wished to point out that the meaning of the two words is different and that
LOCAL would have been a more appropriate word to use.

LOCAL implies that it is COMMON where it occurs. (Species such as the LULWORTH
SCARCE implies that the species is difficult to find even in it's known localities.

I was not angry at your statement (I am now though at the rather public
villification you have given me).

I asked a simple question and made the point that your use of the description SCARCE
was inaccurate.


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