Identify UK Lycaenid?

Rienk Slings qls at
Mon Aug 28 15:39:01 EDT 2000

this really is a mystery butterfly:
-it shows a central blueish tinge, which female BA never has
-the orange spots aren´t orange enough for BA
-the orange fringe isn´t complete enough  for BA
-it has no basal spot in the midcel, which normally excludes CB
-it just isn´t a SsB
So what is it?
The only suggestion I would have is that it is an exceptional CB without
basal spot. I don´t know how rare this is, but I have read somewhere that it

"Keith Edkins" <keith.edkins at> wrote in message
news:966693593.9666.0.nnrp-14.c1ed46ae at
> Can anybody give a definite identification of the photos at
> My handbooks aren't really up to to distinguishing a female Silver-studded
> Blue (Plebejus argus) from a Brown Argus (Aricia agestis). Or given that
> these seem to be somewhat scarce and localised species (not local to
> Cambridge anyway), is it really a very brown female Common Blue
> icarus)?
> Keith Edkins
> Cambidge

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