Regal Fritillary

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There are many, many introduced parasites of Lepidoptera in North America. I
assume there is probably a list or lists somewhere that itemizes them. It is
unlikely that any exotic parasite would specialize in Regal Fritillaries,
but if the Fritillaries inhabit the same area as a common Lepidoptera which
supports a large number of generalist parasites, Regal Fritillaries could
have a high parasite load as an incidental side effect. All of which is
shear speculation of course.

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> Well, to be honest, I'm delighted by the debate I initiated on this
> group.
> But... one possible hypothesis I haven't seen debated in this forum is
that of
> exotic parasites.   There seems to be plenty of "old growth pasture land";
> prarie land in the extreme north east of the US and of the country side of
> Southern Cananda.
> It seems to me the the interruption has something to do with the
> overwintering stage of the life cycle of this Lepidoptera or from a
> influence.
> Cheers with your efforst....
> Chris

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