Eating one's study subjects

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Tue Aug 29 07:06:17 EDT 2000

In this spirit, I've tasted (not eaten entirely) several supposedly unpalatable
butterflies from Central America.  The problem I've always had is that I don't
really know what a tasty butterfly tastes like.  In my opinion, I've never really
hit something that was truly unpleasant, or at least any more unpleasant than other
species.  They all pretty much taste like crap  (or actually they taste like mucus
coated crap).

John Shuey

donald.davis at wrote:

> In the 1950's, Dr. Fred Urquhart of the University of Toronto/Royal Ontario
> Museum garnered a considerable amount of publicity and notoriety for eating
> monarch butterflies in an attempt to disprove the notion that monarchs are
> "distasteful" .
> Fred will be 89 years old in December. Did eating monarchs have something to do
> with this!
> Don Davis
> Toronto, ON

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