Bounty of SE Arizona larvae

James and Margaret Tuttle jtuttle at
Wed Aug 30 11:26:02 EDT 2000

For any of you interested in Saturniidae, Sphingidae, and Arctiidae
larvae.... the hills (of SE Arizona) are alive with the sound of
munching caterpillars. There are 3-5th instar larvae everywhere... so
many Automeris pamina larval clusters it is a plague and they will be
racing with the Eacles oslari and Anisota oslari larvae to see who eats
the last of the oak. Huge Citheronia splendens larvae on Rhus,
Manzanita, and Wild Cotton. Eupackardia calleta larvae and have even
found two Rothschildia cincta larvae.... also, at least ten species of
Sphingidae larvae. Furry arctiid hairballs everywhere, and the rains
continue!!! This weekend would probably be ideal if you have the
interest and can get away on short notice.....

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