Sharing Caterpillars

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Thu Feb 10 13:32:51 EST 2000

>I live in California and have grown fennel next to the sidewalk for years.
>People collect caterpillars regularly. I feel rather ambivalent about this.
>On the one hand I am glad that they know about anise swallowtails and enjoy
>them, but on the other hand I think that the insects would be much better
>off if these people took the  time to grow some butterfly plants themselves.
>I am considering posting a sign asking the collectors to "give back" in some
>way. I thought about asking them to pay, but that's not what I want. I want
>to promote butterfly gardening and insect study. Has anybody got any ideas?

Sure, but it's a bit of work. Make a "Rogue's Gallery" bulletin board of
photos of butterflies people have reared from caterpillars they've taken
from your garden - asking that anyone who takes a caterpillar signs up, and
gives back a photo later. No more anonymous larva-pinching, and it'd be
some phenomenal PR. Prolly even getcha on the local news. ;-)


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