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Doug Yanega dyanega at
Thu Feb 10 13:43:41 EST 2000

>Perhaps this subject has been dealt with before, but the products are
>evolving fast, so things are changing.  Anyway, I am considering a
>digital camera for insect photography and am wondering if anyone has any
>experience pro or con.  The new Epson PC 850z has a macro mode, flash,
>3X zoom etc.  But its not cheap and I am hesitant.  Thanks for any
>Paul Bedell

No fewer than two other mailing lists I subscribe to have just been through
this, and after about 50 messages and umpteen recommendations, websites,
etc., I can glean this much: of the cameras on the shelves now, the Nikon
Coolpix 950 seems to be the RUNAWAY favorite, but the Coolpix 990 is coming
out shortly, and promises to be even better.

Some resources:

The home page at has additional information. has a number of reviews of digital cameras,
along with sample output that ranges from macro to telephoto. The reviews
are well written and contain strong and weak points of each camera.

Shortcourse on digital photography:

Dreading another 50 messages on digital cameras now...

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