Genetic Engineering may have Problems (not so long)

Robert L. Chehey cheheyr at
Thu Feb 17 01:52:35 EST 2000

OK, This is a crock that needs answering!  Genetic engineering actally began
about 14,000 years BP, Give or take a few thousand, when someone decided to
cross two white dogs, or to inbreed a wheat strain that had larger heads,
and it has always had problems.  Even if one grows only "heirloom"
varieties, they are probably 99% as engineered as today's.  The only
differences now are the tools and the speed, the most probable source of
problems, with which it can now be done.

As for farmers being close to Nature, that's true, but their motive for
being there is immensely dark.  If you think about it, most of the
destruction of habitat mentioned in this group is collateral to some other
endeavor.  Farmers, including foresters, are the only sane people that
purposely set out to destroy natural ecosystems, in order to create
artificial ones.

Expecting many flames,

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