Genetic Engineering may have Problems (not so long)

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No flames here. Regarding "Genetic Engineering In Organic Gardening  Jan/Feb
Issue 2000"   Personnally, the argument regarding those not wishing to eat
animals insults my intelligence.
Sue Courson

"Robert L. Chehey" wrote:

> OK, This is a crock that needs answering!  Genetic engineering actally began
> about 14,000 years BP, Give or take a few thousand, when someone decided to
> cross two white dogs, or to inbreed a wheat strain that had larger heads,
> and it has always had problems.  Even if one grows only "heirloom"
> varieties, they are probably 99% as engineered as today's.  The only
> differences now are the tools and the speed, the most probable source of
> problems, with which it can now be done.
> As for farmers being close to Nature, that's true, but their motive for
> being there is immensely dark.  If you think about it, most of the
> destruction of habitat mentioned in this group is collateral to some other
> endeavor.  Farmers, including foresters, are the only sane people that
> purposely set out to destroy natural ecosystems, in order to create
> artificial ones.
> Expecting many flames,
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