GMO's for sale

ClintonandGore at ClintonandGore at
Thu Feb 17 03:14:32 EST 2000

While we are publishing biased irrelevant trashy articles in hopes of 
mobilizing the butterfly community to revolution, you are welcome make offers 
on the following items.  

0.  GMO Childrens books:

    a.  Chicken-Little (Psychology's interpretation of the GMO Issue)
    b.  Green Eggs and Ham (Chicken fed GMO spinach below)
    c.  Jack and the Beanstalk (GMO beans available below)
    d.  Le Petit Prince (GMO Baobab seeds available below)
    e.  Young Frankenstein (Stuffy tale modified and imported from America)
    f.  The Little Engine that Could (Maybe you can feed the world now but 
the hill is steeper next time)

1.  GMO Butterfly Bush:  Provides 5 times the sugar production to support 
populations of butterflies 2.36 times greater per acre

2.  GMO Hostplants (47 genera):  Average 6 times the foliage of regular 
hostplants, the solution to save 7 endangered US species of butterflies and 
the last two species remaining in the UK, in those nations alone since 
sufficient area no longer exists in natural habitat

3.  GMO Corporate Weed killers:  Round's up arrogant corporations and force 
feeds them pot & manure

4.  GMO Activist Potatoes:  Feeds them dead lab rats resulting from exposure 
to potatoes modifies to produce rat poison 

5.  Organic Farming Veggies and Grains:  Only gives 2.5% of the population 
(Paternal last names beginning with the letter "M" only - No exceptions) and 
tells the rest to eat manure.  Notes that at 2.9% (including the paternal 
last names beginning with "Y" also) organic farming (using BT) will have the 
same effect as the GMO BT stuff. 

6.  GMO Popcorn:  Doesn't stink like the real stuff so disgusting folk 
sitting nearby in the theatre aren't so obnoxious smelling when watching the 
movie GATACA

7.  GMO Spinach:  Enriched with Iron so everyone can be Popeye in bed and 
saves 10 million lives annually around the world suffering from iron 
deficiency and improves the quality of 200 million more

8.  GMO Condoms:  Protect against pollen contamination when mating in 

9.  GMO beans:  Don't cause gas in some pigs, but bacon not as sweet.  Great 
for long car trips.

10.  GMO Baobab:  An excellent source for fibre to elephants whose tusks have 
been severed 

11.  Remember:  GMO-Free is the way to go.  If you can get it for free, why 

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