Genetic Engineering may have Problems (not so long)

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Sat Feb 19 12:12:32 EST 2000

You are quite correct Neil. This one really sorts out the applied
"scientists" (engineers) from the basic scientists (philosophers). Too much
of what goes under the name of science is today, the former rather than the
latter. It is an ethical problem that is philosophically very damaging.
At 04:12  18/02/00 GMT, you wrote:
>> OK, This is a crock that needs answering!  Genetic engineering actally
>> about 14,000 years BP, Give or take a few thousand, when someone decided to
>> cross two white dogs, or to inbreed a wheat strain that had larger heads,
>> and it has always had problems.  Even if one grows only "heirloom"
>> varieties, they are probably 99% as engineered as today's.
>I have some problems with this. It deeply concerns me when I see
>the general public loosing faith in science. One of the reasons I see for
>this is that people see scientists making statements that they cannot
>believe to be truthful.
>Let us examine whether it is truthful to compare 'Artificial selection'
>with 'Genetic engineering' with the conclision that they are identical.
>- -
> >I do not believe that it is accurate or exact to directly equate
>artificial selection with Genetic engineering.
- - ->   
>The equation of Artificial Selection with Genetic Engineering *cannot*
>be said to be truthful, accurate or exact.
>- - -
>   Furthermore it is absolutely clear
>that the industry behind this do not really care about the impact.
>What worries me also is that there is a great deal being said  by the biotech
>industry that is not truthful. For example it is not truthful for them
>to describe Bacillus thurigiensis as a "soil bacterium'. It is a specific
>Lepidoptera pathogen.
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