Genetic Engineering does indeed have problems

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Sat Feb 19 21:14:37 EST 2000

<< Subject: Re: Genetic Engineering does indeed have problems
From: jmason at  (Jim Mason)
Date: Thu, Feb 17, 2000 6:53 PM
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I stand corrected on the distinctions (apparently very few) between
mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA.  I hope Bruce and his merry band of
genetic tinkerers have lots of fun messing around with all this and never
regret what they are doing.  Those pesky unintended consequences have an
amazing way of coming around to bite you.  We truly are now at a stage where
we can play God with the world.  I am no Luddite.  I just want to enjoy my
time on this wonderful planet and do my part to preserve its biodiversity.

Jim Mason, Naturalist
jmason at >>

   Thank you Jim for being a thinker.  I too sometimes wonder if God, the
tinkerer within us,  might not be part of the dark side.  If we want to go
there then let us move with intelligence and caution.

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