Elfins in Austin, TX

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Tue Feb 22 17:49:30 EST 2000

Chris Durden kindly described that Incisalia henrici turneri and <Incisalia 
solatus solatus> both fly together in Austin TX and added they had different 
host plant preferences.

The observations were made in Zilker park on February 19, 1999 below the rose 
gardens by the stone gate, and the Elfin was perching in the tall grasses 
along the path in a semi-shaded area.  One was observed carefully by myself 
and Elizabeth Munger of Austin, while one other Elfin was seen nearby.

The literature is confusing:  All references I have list solatus as a 
subspecies of henrici.  Does anyone have further information on their 
recently published taxonomic differences?  Howe (1975) lists a basal white 
line on the under HW, it wasn't there in the observed individual. 

Best wishes.  Doug Dawn.
Woodland CA
Monterrey, Mexico

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drdn at mail.utexas.edu writes:

> In reply to 'Stelenes' query, there was a report of *Incisalia henrici* in
>  Austin last week at the Zilker Park butterfly garden. I have not seen it
>  yet this year although the redbud & Texas mountain laurel exploded into
>  bloom yesterday.
>  Our common *Incisalia* is *I. solatus solatus* - SOOTY ELFIN, which uses
>  Texas mountain laurel and black persimmon flowers and fruit as first choice
>  larval foods.
>  Our less common species is *Incisalia henrici turneri* - TURNER'S HENRIC'S
>  ELFIN, which uses redbud and bluebonnet flowers and fruit as first choice
>  larval foods.
>  Of several batches of *I. solatus* I have raised on Texas mountain laurel,
>  none have resembled *I. henrici turneri*. Other subspecies of *I. solatus*
>  occur in Coahuila and in New Mexico.
>  ........Chris Durden

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