Exchanges with spanish entomologists

Elisa Capucci elisa.capucci at
Wed Feb 23 15:02:11 EST 2000

Subject: Exchange of enveloped diurnal lepidopters and of prepareds of spaws and of chrysalids with spanish entomologists.

    It will start in a short time the coming out of the first species of butterflies in the south of Spain.
As far as i have been collecting lepidopters of the italian fauna and of the neighbouring national borders (especialy the french ones) since a very long time, i would be very interested in finding out little series of Tomares ballus, Callophrys avis and Zerinthia rumina and whatever one con snare with the passing of seasons.
>From my side, i could return the required material of italian fauna.
If the message will hold someone's interest it will start a relationship of mutual co-operation which will bring also a good friendship.
We will write to us each other in a short time for further news and details, begging to use preferably spanish or french and naturally italian, also english even if i know it only a little bit.

Thanks in advance and best regards
Angelo Mazzotti 
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