Summer Camp for field biologists

D Renirie lars at
Sat Feb 26 16:41:30 EST 2000

Apologies for sending a Dutch version of my introduction to the JNM-Summer
Camp to this newsgroup. This should be the better one.


The Youth Association for Nature and Environmental studies introduces a
summer -camp for young entomologists in the Netherlands. For 5 enthusiasts
(12 - 25) from anywhere on world, there is a special opportunity to discover
the stunning natural beauty of one of the last wet heathers in North -
Western Europe.

The camp starts at the 20th of July and finishes on the 1st of August, 2000.
The camp will be low-cost, except for the materials such as microscopes,
binoculairs, moth-traps and stuff.

There is a special attention for moths, butterflies, dragonflies and
damselflies. But other species will be paid attention too. If you are
interested in this camp, pleas feel free to send an e-mail to Lars (see
below). He'll inform about anything you might like to know.

lars at


Lars Soerink
Coördinator field biology

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