Need help with butterfly photo trip

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Sat Feb 26 18:41:35 EST 2000

I am planning a butterfly photography trip to Montana and Washington in July. 
 This will be my frst trip to this area.  I was wondering if anyone could 
help me with some locations.  I am particularly interested in photographing 
high mountain species.  In Montana I will be in the Gallatin and Custer 
National Forest area the first week of July and in the Glacier National Park 
area the second week.  In Washington I plan on being in the North Cascades 
the third week of July.  Since this does not give me a lot of time at each 
place, I would rather not spend all of my time driving around wondering where 
to go.  It would help me if I knew what roads or passes to take that would 
put me in alpine or sub-alpine regions without having to walk more than a 
couple of hours to get to good butterfly spots.  

I am going to be looking for the following species:
Pyrgus centaureae
Carterocephalus palaemon
Parnassius clodius and phoebus
Papilio indra
Colias, meadii, nastes, gigantea, pelidne, and interior
Boloria eunomia, frigga, freija, alberta, astarte, chariclea
Chlosyne whitneyi
Erebia vidleri, magdalena, discoidalis, theano, and callias
Oeneis chryxus, uhleri, bore, jutta, and melissa

Any information at all would be helpful.  Thanks

Jerry McWilliams
Erie, Erie Co., Pa.
jerrymcw at

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