Request for information on O.C. Poling

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Mon Jun 5 22:34:49 EDT 2000

O.C. Poling collected Lepidoptera extensively in the southwestern U.S. from
about 1900 to 1929. He sold specimens to the major collections of the day
and to many specialists in Lepidoptera. Practically every revision and
paper describing new species during the first quarter of the 20th century
cited specimens collected by Poling. Nearly 20 species of moths and
butterflies were named after him and specimens collected by him served as
types of many more.

I have gathered some information on Poling's travels, collecting sites and
sale of insect specimens but have been unable to find much else about his
life and activities. I would greatly appreciate receiving anything of a
biographical nature on Poling or suggestions as to where such information
may be found.

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