Mourning Cloaks

Kurt Jacobs morphidae at
Mon Jun 5 22:32:15 EDT 2000

I counted at least 15 individual Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) this
weekend in an area of Wisconsin USA which typically will only see one or two
individuals.  I have only been keeping notes for four years, but this seems
like an exceptionally large population.  The winter was very mild, and I can
only recall one long period this winter in which the temperatures fell below
0 deg F here.  I believe I saw a Regal frit on the wing this weekend also,
but it would fly so fast and at a height of about 10 feet, that I cant be
certain.  I did see it twice in a two hour period.  It was a very large
butterfly (over 3 inches), with orange fore wings and a definate dark hind
wings.  Possibly it was a Great Spangled Frit with an exceptionally dark
chocolate brown hindwings???  All I know is that I have never seen a Regal
frit in this part of NorthEast Wisconsin except one attached to the front
end of a semi.

Is anyone else in the Midwest seeing more than usual numbers of Mourning

Kurt Jacobs

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