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>As a matter of fact, we do make moth gardens, festooned with
>night-blooming cacti and datura types, white petunias and so forth. 
>My hot tub is intoxicating in the evening when the brugmansia is
>And I have deliberately given Virginia creeper and other comestibles
>leave to dangle, along with other host plants. 
>But in general, I suppose you are right. 
>Let us address this problem, designing exciting gardens for every
>climate. Perhaps NABA could be persuaded to pitch in? 
>Anne Kilmer
>south Florida and Mayo.

You're right, there are some people who create moth habitats in their yard (I'm one of them).  I should mention that the CT Butterfly Association plant sale theme for our June 17 Field Day (at Denison Pequosepos Nature Center in Mystic) is food and nectar plants for the moths.  Doin' our best for ALL the leps...

On a similar note, I've come across a number of gardeners over the years who plant Moon Flower (a vine - don't know the scientific name) for Luna Moths to nectar upon - and it's always Luna Moths, too.  Depending on the situation, I either bite my lip and say very nice, or tell them that while Lunas don't nectar, there are a number of other moths who may enjoy it.  I'm always just thrilled that someone would actually plant for the "other" lepidoptera.


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