Bfly & Moth differences

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That brings to mind a little mothing get-together I had in my yard a few
weeks ago.  Someone (J.A. - I'll protect your identity) wondered aloud how
well we could identify the moths from where we were sitting  (about 50 feet
from the sheet) using a birding scope.  You know how it is - someone will
make an idle comment, everyone will look at one another, and the challenge
has all but been issued.  I brought the scope out of my house, set it up,
and to our surprise, we were able to nail some of the larger species.  We
were at the very least able to get some of the others down to the family

Okay, there may have been a beer or two involved...

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>On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, anne kilmer wrote:
>on moths...
>> Let us address this problem, designing exciting gardens for every
>> climate. Perhaps NABA could be persuaded to pitch in?
>New book prospect: "Moths Through IR Monoculars". It would have a lot of
>green pictures.
>Just a suggestion.
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