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Jeffrey A. Caldwell ecosys at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 15 20:40:07 EDT 2000

Patricia and Jeff Harding wrote:

> My daughter, Katie Harding, has plans to work in Poland this summer, in
> Krakow, in Environmental Toxicology. She just finished her undergraduate
> education, with degrees in Biology and Entomology at Oregon State
> University. Are there good field guides she should have, to insects,
> lepidoptera, or general natural history, covering Poland, or Eastern Europe,
> in English, or as a second choice, German?
> Patricia and Jeff Harding

I don't know about any field guides, but offer to you one of my favorite web
site bookmarks, that for Bialowieski National Park in Poland.   It is Poland's
oldest national park and one of the oldest in Europe.   There was an article
about it several years ago in the Natural Areas Journal.   Biologically this
park is the most valuable piece of lowland eastern Europe left, boasting ancient
forests and a number of mammals extinct everywhere else in Europe.   The site
includes many links, perhaps from it and them you can learn a little more about
the biology of Poland:

Jeffrey A. Caldwell

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