Plant pest or biological control

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I agree completely.  Curious and and sometimes downright shocking behaviour
by governments and the people who are paid to implement their directives is
not limited to any particular political jurisdiction on this planet.  Human
behaviour, despite some differences, still has remarkable similarities
around the globe.  So much easier to jump on band wagons of political
correctness and expediency and so much harder to encourage logic and common

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Take care, this can happen in Canada too. Look at the recent regulation of
butterflies in Ontario as reported on dplex-l. There the milkweed is a pest
ordered to be eradicated. There the monarch is a protected species. I hope
Quebec never gets organized enough to do anything silly like this. It all
reminds me of the Quebec border checkpoints for margerine smugglers back in
the '50's, and arrest of women wearing shorts in small towns by those brown
jhodpured agents of M. Duplessis. Also in Ontario the liquor licenses and
separate drinking establishments (men in one bar; women, children and
"indians" in the other bar next door. All great countries can go silly if
we reasonable people stop paying attention to government. 

At 07:35  19/06/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Yes, this is a most curious situation.  It seems that our lepidopterous
>friends in the USA are now faced with a situation where butterflies are
>regulated by TWO federal gov acts and organizations.  It would make more
>sense to me to have wildlife regulated by the Fish and Wildlife agency -
>I guess some people thought that having the same animals regulated twice
>over is a reasonable use of the taxpayers dollar.  Perish the thought that
>anyone should be allowed to lay hands on a butterfly without endless red
>tape.  Excuse me while I smile and chuckle :-)

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