Ideal Binoculars

wanda be496 at
Tue Jun 27 23:00:19 EDT 2000

As a former hard-core birder and certainly still interested, but my
passion is now butterflies, feel the B&L 8x42's are the only single
binocular that fills both needs.  Early into BFing carried two pair of
bins, but that gets old fast! It's probably more economical to purchase
something that meets needs than several pair and finally getting there. 
As Mike says the only downfall of getting from close focus to distance
is a few turns of the knob, but hey how much effort and time does that
take, eh.....

Mine have been to 10K ft, into moist tropics, windy deserts, and
pelagics --- holding up fine.....

Wanda Dameron, Los Angeles, Cal.
Flutterby Press - "Searching for BF in So. Calif.
Butterfly Materials, esp. western US & Central America

James Hanlon wrote:
> Any preferences out there for either the Bausch and Lomb Elite 8X42 or 10X42
> binoculars for use in the jungle for butterfly observation?
> In theory, I would think that more light and less shake from the 8X42's
> would be preferred over the slightly higher magnification of the 10X42's.
> Any other good binocular recommendations would also be appreciated.
> Jim

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