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Ron Lane RL7836 at
Wed Jun 28 20:42:06 EDT 2000

Based on price and quality, I was getting ready to purchase a pair of
8x42 Pentax UCF bino's. They've received fantastic reviews. I've seen
the close focusing listed from 6 to 8 ft. 

I currently have a pair of the B&L 7x26 custom compacts but wanted to
get a full size waterproof pair for both birds and butterflies. I
could get the Pentax for $339 at B&H [closer to $500 elsewhere]. 

I had blown off the B&L Elites due to cost. However, from everything
I'm reading about the high quality glasses, they will really last a
long time. Now you guys are all making me reconsider.....hmmmmm. I
think I'm going to need to do some close comparisons....

On 28 Jun 2000 00:20:21 -0700, jfhanlon at (James Hanlon)

>Thank You all for the in-depth binocular ideas!
>One piece of info for anyone interested in buying a high-end set of
>binoculars: The stores are selling the Bausch and Lomb elites at $950 plus
>tax. has them priced at $700 with no tax for out-of-state
>residents. was also running a special two weeks ago with $50
>off any purchase greater than $500, bringing the cost of the elite 8X42's
>down to $650 plus $16 2nd day shipping. Still expensive but sure beats
>paying a $1,000.
>If ready to buy online, you should probably call cameraworld before ordering
>online and mention the $50 off. They may give it to you.
>Jim Hanlon
>P.S. I have no vested interest in cameraworld or B&L, but I do have an
>interest in my fellow lepidopterists.

Ron Lane
Central NJ, USA
RL7836 at

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