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Christie L. Hammond (Lake Hills Elementary School, Bellevue, Washington,
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"I am a teacher of 2nd grade. My students are very knowledgable about
butterflies. They have many questions that they want to have answered. Would
you be open to helping me with this? Some of their questions pertain to the
history of butterfly study and may be a bit difficult to answer."

and these are the questions:

We are the kids from Room 16 at Lake Hills Elementary.  Thank you for
helping us find out more about butterflies.  We have chosen some of our
34 questions about butterflies and are sending them to you for help.

1.  What is the first butterfly ever discovered?

2.  How do butterflies get their names and who names them?

3.  What do scientists call butterflies?

4.  When were butterflies first discovered?

5.  Do butterflies swim?

6.  What is the largest kind of butterfly in the world?

7.  Are any butterflies endangered?

8.  Why do butterflies die after they lay eggs?

9.  How do we tell if a butterfly is a boy or a girl?

10. How do butterflies protest themselves?

11. How many poisonous butterflies are there?

12. Why are butterflies so small?

13. Why do butterflies have two sets of wings?

14. Do butterflies get sick?

15. Why are butterflies part of nature?

16. Do butterflies have to learn how to fly or do they just know?

17. How many kinds of butterflies are there in the world?

18. How come caterpillars are different from their mothers?

19. Why do butterflies have big eyes?

20. How do butterflies breath?

21. Do  butterflies have other names?

22. If butterflies are endangered, what can we do to help save

Thank you for helping us with our questions.


room 16

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