Anthony Cynor acynor at
Thu May 4 09:51:09 EDT 2000

Rick Mikula wrote:

> > Heath Fred wrote:
> >
> >         Famous 18th century quotation, "Why don't we release a few
> > European Starlings in the Shakespeare Garden here in Central Park in
> > New York City. It will be lovely, just like back in England. What harm
> > can a few starlings do?"
> And I could not agree with you more if that were the case, but the
> species used are from the United States and not imported from other
> countries. As per the USDA they are not transported across the 100
> meridian. So It seems that perhaps your example does not fit this
> situation. I would be totally against releasing Bird wings in Toledo or
> Morphos in Maine. There are however, only a few species that are
> approved by the USDA and of those fewer are actually used. Nothing is
> imported from foreign countries. Sorry.
> R. Mikula

 I doubt if releasing either of those species in the areas mentioned would
have any effect except for making it a more colorful summer!


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