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> IN regards to Ken's comments:
> >It is not impossible that this was a natural occurrence--but at about the
> >same time I became aware that Painted Ladies were being raised by a number
> >of classes in Fairbanks elementary schools--and in all cases the adults
> >were then released outdoors in late spring.
> >
> Hmm... that's the way I felt about planting our Valley Oak trees in places
> where they "probably" (?) would have grown if it weren't for "cattle
> grazing". It was my opinion that we should just wait and see the course
> 'mother nature' would take (despite roads, and other development anyway).
> But in defense of releases - Among other reasons, they  help  the 'web of
> life' in one regard - giving protection to more butterflies to 'fly free',
> and support other members of their food chain in the end, that hopefully
> benefits all down the line, just as if I guess I should have realized, and

This is incorrect. The level of the population of a given butterfly species
is determined by the resources available to the population. You can only
increase the population by increasing the resources. The release of extra
individuals will merely displace others. Releasing extra butterflies does
not help the "web of life". We have serious conservation problems in the
UK that are caused by well meaning but misguided people who think
that releases are beneficial. 

> thanks you your posting, now do appreciate having more trees (even
> planted)that not only provide more oxygen, but more "homes" for critters in
> the environment. thanks
> peace & aloha
> S.
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