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> This is incorrect. The level of the population of a given butterfly species
>  is determined by the resources available to the population. You can only
>  increase the population by increasing the resources. The release of extra
>  individuals will merely displace others. Releasing extra butterflies does
>  not help the "web of life". We have serious conservation problems in the
>  UK that are caused by well meaning but misguided people who think
>  that releases are beneficial. 

Neil, Are you convinced of this?  Or in the case of migratory butterflies 
could that be erroneous?  I can see how it might be true in a closed, local 
little greenbelt system like Stevenage especially for a hopelessly 
territorial bug.  Or how about threatened butterflies after adverse natural 
conditions such as a hurricane...the reestablishment of the Schaus 
Swallowtail in South Florida?  Or perhaps the Chequered Skipper in your 
backyard?  Some are special cases, others are not.  Could your statement be 
validly interpreted by others to say there is no problem with Bt pollen or 
other toxin killing off a percentage in large areas, since it works with 
increments in population as well as decrements?

Best wishes.  Doug Dawn.  Woodland, CA.

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