Checkerspot on the news

anne kilmer viceroy at
Sat May 6 04:49:10 EDT 2000

Would that be the Chalcedon checkerspot, do you think? You can buy them
at the site cited above; no problem. The list here seems to be rather
longer and more complicated than the one Paul gave us. 
Truth may not be an absolute, as we express it, but sometimes we can
come pretty close to it. 
On the other hand, at $10 a bug, I don't suppose enough will be released
to matter. And there are enough grackles around to appreciate the
I hoped that the article referred to would be easy to find, doing a
simple search, but this is too depressing. Sorry.
I have bluebells and robins. 
Anne Kilmer
Mayo, Ireland 

Pierre A Plauzoles wrote:
> Sunsol wrote:
> > I heard something on the news this morning about a checkerspot. They said
> > that the Army Corps of Engineers gave a permit to a developer in San Jose,
> > CA to put in a shopping mall. And now they will have to wait a year to start
> > construction because of the checkerspot. What will waiting a year do? Do
> > they plan to move the checkerspot?
> I haven't heard aboiut this one, I suspect that you are on the right track.
> Stupid, ignorant move in my opinion.  Ask Neil Jones how the same thing went in
> Wales, and you will get a good idea of why I am so adamant about it.  OK, Wales
> and California don't match very well, but that is not my point.

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