Vanessa atalanta

Bastiaan Notebaert bnotebaert at
Sun May 7 09:23:51 EDT 2000

I had to wait until today (7/05/2000) to see my first Vanessa atalanta this year. I had him in my garden in Drongen (Gent) Belgium. This is very late: last years I saw it in Ghent for the first on: 1995: 09/05; 1996: 06/04; 1997: 02/04; 1998: 09/02; 1999: 25/04. 
Yesterday my father saw also a Vanessa cardui in Ronse/Renaix, belgium. Only in 1997 (17/04) we saw it earlier, but we don't have it each year in the spring.

Bastiaan Notebaert
Drongen, Belgium
bnotebaert at
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