Competition for food, literature question

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Wed May 10 20:32:20 EDT 2000

	Norbert Kondla asked:
> Anyone out there that can share some references with data to show
> population limitation due to food supply (amount).

	This is not exactly _data_, but it might be worth checking the paper
'Temporal dissociation and population regulation in certain Hesperiine
butterflies' by Harry Clench (Ecology 48:1000-1006, 1967). Clench posits
temporal dissociation as a mechanism for distributing the demand on a
limited supply of nectar. 

	It should be noted, however, that temporal dissociation also exists
in _Clossiana_ in the high arctic, where plants are competing for pollin-
ators, rather than insects competing for nectar.

						Ken Philip
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